Closing event

On December 15, 2023, a final event took place that summarized all the work carried out in the FlowChar project and the most important results. The closing event took place on the MS Teams platform. During the event, the results were presented by the scientists: Dr. Agnieszka Korus, Principal Investigator, coordinator of WP1 & WP2, […]

Exciting week at Carbon 2023 in Mexico!

In July we had a great opportunity to demonstrate and consult our work with the best specialists in the field of carbon research at the World Conference on Carbon 2023. Our FlowChar team leader, Agnieszka Korus, arrived at Cancun, Mexico, to present our results with an oral presentation “Dual 2D-NLDFT model of CO2 & O2 […]

First conference appearance!

The first task of WP2 involved testing different FCDI module configurations to determine process parameters suitable for the comparison of the performance of char-based electrodes. One of the aspects investigated by our FCDI specialist, Dr Hanna Jaroszek, was which type of ion-exchange membrane is most suitable for our research. Recently, she had the opportunity to […]

The holiday season brings us the beginning of WP3

In this work package, we will investigate the gasification of the loaded FCDI electrode material. Our char has experienced a lot during the desalination tests. As a flow-electrode, it was immersed in an aqueous solution and charged during the FCDI process. Thus, aside from the water-washing effect, Faradaic reactions that accompany the deionisation process resulted […]

Research visit at DTU

We just had an exciting opportunity to assist with the experimental campaign carried out by the students and researchers from the Combustion and Harmful Emission Control (CHEC) Group at the Danish Technical University (DTU). The campaign was focused on biochar production and characterisation and it included the experimental run of SS Camilla – the two-stage […]

Testing different FCDI configurations

Desalination tests are going full speed ahead! Read about the effects of our work. We are playing with different FCDI configurations, e.g., comparing graphite and steel current collectors. Graphite is more resistant to corrosion, yet it also has higher electrical resistance than metals. As there are no perfect solutions, we are trying to select the […]

The parts for FCDI module have arrived!

We are so pleased to inform you that all the parts of the FCDI ensemble are now at our lab at the Silesian University of Technology, and we are ready to perform the preliminary tests! Read more about our experimental stand for water desalination. The heart of the test stand – the membrane module for […]

WP2 has started

The new month has brought us new challenges. Read what awaits us in the near future. With the start of February, we have launched a second work package that will focus on the electrosorption of ions on the gasification char. We also welcomed our new researcher Dr. Hanna Jaroszek, who will be involved in experimental […]

Feedstock selection completed

The first work package is in progress. Read our short report on what we’ve been working on recently in WP1. Based on the literature review and the availability of the feedstock, we selected materials that will be used to produce our char samples. Aiming at the residuals from agricultural and forestry sectors, we decided to […]

The FlowChar project in the Polish Radio no. 4!

On Wednesday, 12 January 2022 at 17.30, we had the pleasure to participate in the program of Polish Radio 4 in the broadcast “TOP – Trochę Optymizmu Popołudniem”, hosted by Jan Olejniczak, which is entirely devoted to technological novelties. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Agnieszka Korus, talked about the FlowChar project on the air. During the audition, […]