Project Flowchar

The scope of the FlowChar project is to verify each of these questions via a dedicated work package.

WP 1

Char preparation and analysis

  • WP leader:

    Agnieszka Korus

The objective of this work package is to prepare biomass gasification char that can be utilised as a flow electrode for the water desalination purpose.

WP 2

Electrosorption of ions on the gasification char

  • WP leader:

    Agnieszka Korus

This work package investigates the performance of gasification char flow electrodes during the capacitive deionisation of water. The experiments are also necessary to provide the spent char saturated with metal ions, which will be subjected to the kinetics tests in WP3.

WP 3

Gasification of the spent chars

  • WP leader:

    Paulina Wienchol

This work package evaluates potential benefits of the gasification of the spent char, which was used as a cathode in the water desalination process.