Project Flowchar


This work package investigates the performance of gasification char flow electrodes during the capacitive deionisation of water. The experiments are also necessary to provide the spent char saturated with metal ions, which will be subjected to kinetics tests in WP3.


WP2 sets out the procedure for water deionisation tests and evaluates the performance of the gasification char as the flow electrode material.

T 2.1
Desalination unit development

The preliminary tests will be conducted to establish the procedure for water desalination. The composition of the flow electrodes as well as the operational conditions of the reactor will be selected.

T 2.2
Water desalination tests

Experiments with chars prepared in WP1 will be performed to determine the efficiency of water desalination. NaCl solutions with different concentrations will be used as the feedwater. After each test, the spent electrode material will be recovered and secured for use in WP3.


Gasification char performance as the flow electrode for water desalination is determined.

Work package 2 will start in February 2022

24 months
October 1st, 2021
– October 1st, 2023

Total budget granted