Project Flowchar


This work package evaluates the potential benefits of the gasification of the spent char, which was used as a cathode in the water desalination process.


In WP3, a series of thermogravimetric measurements is conducted to provide the kinetics of the char gasification reactions.

T 3.1
Thermogravimetric measurements

Fresh char from WP1 and the char after water deionisation tests from WP2 will be subjected to the thermogravimetric analysis. Gasification in CO2 will be carried out under different conditions (e.g. temperature, CO2 partial pressure) to enable the calculations of kinetic parameters.

T 3.2
Calculation of kinetic parameters

Kinetic models will be applied to the data on the mass loss of chars that was registered during task T 3.1. The kinetic parameters and the reactivity of fresh and metal-saturated char will be calculated to determine the effects of the adsorbed ions.


The effect of char exploitation on its gasification reactivity is determined.

Work package 3 will start in December 2022

24 months
October 1st, 2021
– October 1st, 2023

Total budget granted