Project Flowchar


The objective of this work package is to prepare biomass gasification char that can be utilised as a flow electrode for the purpose of water desalination.

The experimental work aims to evaluate the char formation process and the properties of the obtained materials.

The overview of the created chars will help to determine their potential as an electrode material and identify the most favourable gasification conditions.


WP1 focuses on the char preparation and examination. The former will deliver the assortment of materials that could be obtained from the gasification of various feedstocks, while the latter will provide an overview of the properties of these materials and facilitate the assessment of their potential to act as flow electrodes.

T 1.1
Char preparation

Prior to the char preparation, the selection of feedstocks will be made based on the literature review, with the focus on residual biomass from the agricultural and forestry sectors. Materials with different physicochemical properties, such as carbon content, composition of inorganics, and thermal stability, will be chosen and their availability will be also considered.

Char formation during biomass gasification will be simulated in the laboratory reactor. Producing char in the controlled environment is required if the correlation between process parameters and the properties of the obtained materials is sought. Different reaction temperatures and gasification gases will be examined.

The commercial gasification char will be also examined to provide a reference for the materials prepared in the laboratory.

T 1.2
Char analysis

Instrumental analysis of all char samples prepared in task T 1.1 will be performed to provide an overview of the range of materials that can be obtained from biomass gasification. Particular attention will be paid to the properties relevant for the electrode materials, such as the surface area development and pore size distribution.


The set of chars for flow electrode preparation is selected

Work package 1 started 2 months ago

24 months
October 1st, 2021
– October 1st, 2023

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